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Wednesday , September 1 , 2004

Comic Random page!

Random page! Woo!
I may be doing more HM later this year...we shall see!

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(Comic will update....?)

Chibi dragon Mica October 27th, 2003

So, after the comic ran for...oh, two months almost, I finally got an email about it. Wondering why it's not updating. (And it's been another month before I got around to reattempting to update the page...)

Well, simply enough, Honey Mustard is a side-project of mine. Something I work on when I feel like, or when I'm sick of working on my main project.
My main project is [
Demonic Boppu]. I recommend you checking that out if you'd like.

If you do want to see more of Honey Mustard, please [email me] and let me know. No, seriously. Most people take it for granted that comic artists are psychic. But we're not. We need email. So send some love!


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Honey Mustard is property of Sforzie, 2003. Steal and Mica will remove your arm.